Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

April 27, 2015 BSL Info

Essential Amino Acids have been proven through significant amounts of research to not only be beneficial for building and repairing muscle but also maintaining lean muscle mass. Its no wonder that fitness professionals, sports nutritionist, and healthcare professionals alike use and recommend this powerful supplement. That said, I think its safe to say that the general population either doesn't know much about the product or just happened to pick some up at their health food store without knowing much about Essential Amino Acids and the overall benefits to health and performance. 

So, let us break down the top 5 benefits to supplementing with Essential Amino Ac

  1. Enhance Muscle Protein Synthesis: In other words, it is a fuel for building and maintaining muscle mass. 
  2. Enhance Fat Burning: The proper balance of Amino Acids has shown to be highly effective for burning fat and improving glucose tolerance. 
  3. Increase Endurance: By supplementing Essential Amino Acids before and during a training session, you are providing you body the fuel it needs to sustain energy.
  4. Improve Recovery: Not only do Essential Amino Acids provide the fuel during training but is also highly effective in providing the fuel for your muscle to repair. This is a critical component to increase the frequency and intensity of training. 
  5. Reduce Muscle Loss: Whether it be endurance training, older athletes or injuries, Essential Amino Acids have proven highly effective in reducing protein degradation. Studies show that providing nutritional support with Amino Acids will reduce the risk of muscle catabolism.

It seems like a no-brainer, right? The evidence is very compelling that implementing Essential Amino Acids into our client's nutrition plan will yield results and most importantly support overall health. 

In a future post, we will discuss how Complete Essentials fits into this picture and how the formulation offers far greater benefits beyond most Essential Amino Acids/BCAA products on the market today.


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