Our 2015 Review

December 31, 2015 BSL Info

Well, we are back in the saddle after a great holiday season spent with family and friends. We are so excited to have our first year of business in the rear view mirror and most importantly, we can call it a success….thanks to you!

When we launched Body Systems Labs in the second quarter of 2015, we had some very specific goals in mind.

  1. Develop a comprehensive amino acid supplement that is pure and has no artificial ingredients. Not to mention that it has to be superior to anything else on the market.
  2. Price our product at a great value so it is accessible to everyone
  3. Offer our product worldwide.
  4. Avoid the marketing gimmicks and fluff – stay focused on science and results.
  5. Build a customer base of the most respected and highly qualified healthcare and fitness professionals to carry our product.
  6. Create a platform to deliver high value and scientific content to the marketplace

So, how did we do???

  1. We successfully formulated a product that uses pure all natural ingredients and is far superior and has been promoted by some of the top strength professionals. Evidenced by Charles Poliquin’s endorsement, which we are grateful for and proud of.
  2. We keep our overhead very low and were able to offer a $59.99 USD MSRP. On a per serving basis, Complete Essentials is on average 30% less than “comparable” products
  3. International Sales represent 35%! Canada 23%, Australia 5%, UK 2%, Iceland 2%, Japan 2%, New Zealand 1%.
  4. We spent $0 on marketing and focused our efforts on customer feedback and testimonials.
  5. Over 70% of our sales are from current healthcare and fitness professionals.

Not bad, eh? As much as we like to pat ourselves on the back, there were some lessons learned. 

  1. Amino Acids are incredibly moisture sensitive: Complete Essentials has no anti-caking fillers, which presented a unique set of challenges.
  2. Our International sales were much higher than expected: Shipping internationally is expensive and we offer free or steeply discounted shipping rates.
  3. Developing content is tough: We simply didn’t have the time nor the proper technology platform to effectively deliver the valuable scientific content we aim to deliver
  4. Selling a single product is tough: People in general want convenience and this applies to the healthcare and fitness professionals too. Even though we are offering a superior product, some choose to order all of their products from one manufacturer even if it means some sacrifice on quality.

As we bring in the New Year, we have evaluated the road traveled and our lessons learned and wanted to share our focus for 2016.

  • We are well underway with our next run of Complete Essentials. We changed the flavor to grape (which tastes awesome) and improved the formula slightly.
  • Looking to develop distributor partnerships around the globe to make our product even more accessible with lower costs.
  • Expand our product line. Rest assured, it will be a comprehensive products that are formulated to therapeutic doses…keep an eye out for updates.
  • Develop an improved technology platform to deliver valuable content and more robust tools for our wholesale and affiliate partners.
  • Update our branding and brand position to be more reflective of the true nature of our high quality brand, content and products.

Needless to say, in this very crowded space of dietary supplements, we have a long road ahead of us. One thing is for sure; we will not sacrifice quality or produce a sub therapeutic product just for the sake of generating sales. When we formulate a product, it will be the best. Guaranteed.

We thank you for supporting our journey and owe the credit to each of you that believed in what we are doing and the places we are heading.

In Health,

Ben & James

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